Wifi Hotspot Directories

Here are some of the top Google hits for wifi hotspot directories. Interesting to see the third tier actually building networks:
* “Node DB”:http://www.nodedb.org/. Wireless node database.
* PDAStreet: Software: Other Internet & Communications: WiFi HotSpot Directory. An Excel spreadsheet of access points.
* “Riverwalk Directory”:http://www.makewirelesswork.com/directory.htm. Another directory. I think this is the actual content of the one above.
* “Wifi Freenet”:http://www.wififreenet.com/. Only free access points are listed here. Not much there, but interesting to see what people try.
* “Hotspot Locations”:http://www.hotspot-locations.com/. A pretty complete directory it seems.
Interesting third tier WISPs:
* “Seattle Wireless”:http://seattlewireless.com. Seattle’s local hotspots. Note that they are now charging for this.
* “PersonalTelco”:http://www.personaltelco.net/. Portland based hotspots. They have 158 locations right now.
* “aXess2go”:http://aXess2go. Has 14 hotspots right now.
Finally, here are the big boys who are creating the biggest underlying networks:
* “T-Mobile”:http://locations.hotspot.t-mobile.com/. 2,300 locations and counting. Interesting to see how many are airports. Of course they are also doing Starbucks and will do Borders and Kinkos. They are now doing $20/month with no commitment for T-mobile customers. Wow.
* “Wayport”:http://www.wayport.com/locations. They are in 10 airports and 500 hotels right now. Their pricing remains high at $30 with a one year agreement.
Here are the consortium folks who are aggregating:
* “Airpass”:http://isps.net/Directory/. A roaming consortium provided by Airpath. They do provide hotspot services, manage hotspots and provide roaming. This is based in Toronto and is looking for financing. A partner with “RovingIP”:http://rovingip.net.
* “iPass”:http://ipass.com/. Has existing customers, owned hotspots and roaming. They have 1,000 APs from 11 underlying networks.
* “GRIC”:http://gric.com. They have a global network. Charges $30/month.
* “Boingo”:http://boingo.com. They have 1,300 “locations”:http://www.boingo.com/search.html now through roaming agreements with Wayport in particular.
* Picopoint
* FatPort
* Kubiwireless
Analysts are trying to get a handle. With roaming agreements there is much double counting.
* “How Many Hotspots are there?”:http://www.gric.com/articles/1_03_80211_planet.html. A good analysis of who has actually deployed what as of January 2003.

3 responses to “Wifi Hotspot Directories”

  1. Terry Dillon Avatar

    The way Internet should be – FREE!
    I hope other internet cafes follow suit and offer free wireless internet for patrons. If they need additional services such as printing, photocopying, burning DVDs, webcams, etc. then they can logon to a workstation. But is uses very little resources to offer free wireless access. We use MAC filtering for secure surfing. If ever in Bancroft, Ontario check us out 🙂

  2. Carlos Fernandez Avatar

    Lets not forget WiFi411. Online WiFi hotspot directory that list both FREE and commercial locations. Hotspot submissions are completely free.
    One of the largest and fastest growing wifi directories on the net.

  3. gary burd Avatar

    Note that seattlewireless.COM and seattlewireless.NET are different entities. You should link to the seattlewireless.NET guys.

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