DDR400 is Here!


Well the next generation of hardware performance is here. There is the new lineup of Pentiums with hyperthreading and also a new set of motherboards based on the i875P and the i865P. Tom's Hardware recommends getting an 865P motherboard and the 2.8 GHz Pentium IV. I'm on the way:
* Tom's Hardware Guide Motherboards & RAM: One Tough Cookie: 10 Boards with Intel i875P Chipsets - Part I - Intel takes Dual DDR to its Mass Market. The next generation of power is here in the i875P (a.k.a. Canterwood) chipsets. Here are the current reviews. It shows that there are Bios problems with most right now. But, ulitmately performance is going to be great. This roundup showed lots of bugs and problems and basically said, don't buy the 875P yet. I'm so sad.