Depressed: DVD Coasters Galore

Depressed: DVD Coasters Galore

ULead MovieFactory. I'm depressed. I used this thing to create a DVD movie. Now as I'm trying to duplicate 7 copies, I have 1 coaster (e.g., destroyed DVD+R) for everyone that is good. An obvious driver problem where in the middle of a copy, it gives up the ghost and hangs.
I'm using an older Sony DRU-120A and Windows XP and I'm sure there is a driver bug somewhere. Sigh. An evening not to mention a bunch of DVD+R at $5 a pop down the drain.
That's what I get for being on the bleeding edge. I'll have to try another utility to create DVDs. I've also seen on C|Net that Dazzle's DVD Complete has the same problem. I wonder where the bugs are.


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  2. What I do is create a DVD ISO image… then use Easy CD Creator 5 to put the ISO image onto the DVD+R/RW. At least this way you remove the Ulead DVD Factory application out of the picture; helping you to identify if it truly is a driver related issue. Plus, if making several copies, it’s much faster to use the ISO image instead.

  3. Great idea. I actually did create an ISO image and was using the MovieFActory copy ISO to a real DVD and that is where the bug is. I’m going to try your suggestion with Nero and see how it goes.

  4. Make sure your DVD burner has the latest available firmware. Some of the newer blank media REQUIRE that you update the firmware, or the drive may not record correctly. A friend recently spent a month burning coasters using a Sony drive before realizing this was the problem.

  5. Great point. I actually can’t get the firmware updater to load for my Sony under Windows XP. It doesn’t seem to find the ASPI drivers, even though they are there. Other utilities don’t see ASPI either. I have to search the web on that one.

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