It’s interesting to see how site statistics have been changing. Initially most of the hits on this home page were from the default home pages for my many machines, so the referrers were often or none.
I now get about 20,000 hits per month, so not that many, but most were from google as accidental searches. There was one amazing period where I had the only site pointed to Kazaa hacks in late 2002, but that was an aberration.
Now, most hits are not from my own personal machines, but instead seem to be from lots of google more purposeful searches and also links from “Candlepower”: Thanks much PhotonBoy and also from “Microsoft Watch”:,4248,933657,00.asp. Thanks Mary Jo!
Also getting lots more comments from random folks as well that I don’t know. Interesting the power of the web. It’s only too bad that comments don’t seem to get indexed by google. Maybe the next iteration of that machine.

2 responses to “Tong Family Visiter Changes”

  1. grace fan peng Avatar
    grace fan peng

    remember me? grace fan from East Brunswick and the CACA teen club? Howa are you.
    how weird is that? I do a search on “ritchey break-away” bike and your web site comes up! meanwhile, I just spoke to your brother Peter on the phone moments ago regarding one of our friends in common (not a common occurence!). It must be TONG day.
    How are you? And what do you think of that bike? I’m thinkinga about getting it for my husband for our anniversary (coming up soon!).

  2. Adrian Avatar

    only 20,000 hits per month ? Boy, I need to get some more compelling content !!

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