The Matrix and the Matrix Reloaded


I really wanted to just love the Matrix Reloaded. It was a good movie, but not a great one IMHO. I just rewatched the original Matrix and I can see why. The original was filled with mystery. First versions can be. It wasn't clear what was real and what was a dream. Who was good and bad.
Not to mention that the first part had that slow, film noir pacing and look.
Second reason is that there is no mystery in Matrix Reloaded. There is more and more of the same. Tons of agents. Too many facts. In fact, I kind of thought it was confusing that Neo could crush folks, bend walls at the end of the first Matrix and in this one, he has to fight 100 agents. Not clear why. He dos the superman thing, but would have thought he could just smash the whole thing.
The main thing is that the original, like my other favorite movie Blade Runner, just keeps you guessing (a.l.a. what is the real world vs. who is the replicant). I thought Matrix Reloaded was predictable, while Matrix was completely not. For instance, what if the "real world" itself turns out to be a construct itself. Layers in layers. Alternatively, to kill the Matrix, you have to go to another reality called the Construct. Make that all white and pure while the Matrix is black. Another alternative is that to get the Matrix, you have to awaken all the folks who are plugged in so he has to become a leader in the Matrix world itself.
Most depressing thing is that the special edition of the Matrix was cancelled. It could really have used a DTS soundtrack for instance. My Two Cents - Archived Posts (3/17/03 - 2/24/03)
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