PTP and Information Hiding

PTP and Information Hiding

While researching the latest move by the RIAA to "sue": individuals, I ran across some interesting papers:
* CSC 8990 Seminars. The first paper is on how PTP actually works and a good description of how to use conventional digital signature techniques to hide who is talking to whom and about what. Also learned a good deal about how these directories actually work.
* "Daniel Peng Suit": Interesting facts about the suit against someone doing a directory service called Wake.
* "LA Times": Largely sympathetic to the music industry not surprisingly since they all live in LA.
* "The Register": The alternative view which is that piracy is a side effect of too expensive albums where you pay an effective price of $16 for one good cut. Also some good notes on encrypted alternatives like "Freenet": and "Waste":
I guess the lesson for me is that the miracle of the Internet is that in 24 hours, you can hear about something and find two good technical responses to it. Amazing.

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  1. Edward Felton: He says that there will always be counter measures. Any solution will be non-technical.

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