Ritchey Break-Away

Google Groups: View Thread “Ritchey “Break-Away” bike — opinions?”. Been looking at a bunch of custom bicycles with S&S couplings. Great in the $1300-1600 for the frame plus $400 for the couplings. The Break-Away is an $1,100 frame, but what about the quality. Here are some notes from rec.bicycles.tech. Great the way google caches and indexes this.
“Bilenky”:http://www.bilenky.com/. Here are some interesting S&S coupled bicyles mentioned in the the previous post.

A major concern for many riders is how to eat before an
early morning ride or race.
When we wake up in the morning, we have essentially just
undergone an eight-to-ten-hour fast. This overnight fast
lowers the glycogen stores in the liver and greatly impairs
the production of blood glucose. (Glycogen and glucose are
primary fuels for muscles and the central nervous system.)
Because events lasting more than an hour rely heavily on
blood glucose for fuel, performance will be adversely
affected if you skip the morning meal.
Waking up earlier to eat is one option, although the
disruption of your sleep is probably more detrimental to
your performance than depleted liver glycogen.
Your other option is to eat a small meal containing both
simple and complex carbohydrates. This combination will
give you some readily available energy as well as some
longer-lasting energy.
The pre-event food should be primarily carbohydrate with a
touch of protein. Carbohydrate is the preferable fuel during
exercise, and a bit of protein will aid with satiety.
Be careful with your choice of protein foods, as many are
also high in fat — bacon, cheese and other dairy products.
Fatty foods should be avoided, as they delay stomach
emptying and can contribute to feelings of sluggishness.
Most importantly, never choose foods before competition that
you have not tried in training! It’s never smart to try anything
new on the day of an important event.
It may take some practice to determine exactly what your
stomach can tolerate before a training session and how long
it is going to take you to digest your pre-event meal.

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