Well, the Tour de France is about to start and delightful new gear is appearing. First there is the new Shimano Durace 10-speed coming out. No word on whether they are going to do a triple, but given that it is 1/3 less than Campagnolo Record, good to hear. Also, Campy Chorus is going to get a bunch of hand-me-downs from Record. And of course there is:
First Rumors: The 2004 Line. Gear geek delight. The new Campy Record…
* Ergo levers get 18 grams lighter, and now bear the label “10 Ultra” Better shifting is promised.
* The carbon crankset gets updated with a spider reminiscent of the C-Record crankset. (We’re predicting that the 2003 Record crankset becomes the Chorus carbon crankset next year.) The rings will feature an anti-friction coating.
* The rear derailleur gets a carbon cage. Better shifting and quieter operation are promised.
* The front derailleur gets a carbon cage! This almost completes the carbonizing of the Record gruppo, which now features the woven black carbon look on every part but the brake calipers and hubs.
* The Record chain gets drilled-out links–and gets 19 grams lighter.
* Record gets a totally new part a carbon bottle cage! Way cool, and just 18 grams.
* The Record seatpost will come in three lengths, and will feature a carbon clamp. The “Record” logo also gets bigger and will be placed on the side of the post (where it can be more easily seen).
* It’s not carbon, but the Record brakeset will come in a black finish to complement the rest of the gruppo.

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