Saving vs. Spending…


a little ludwig goes a long way: Living Below Your Means. John found a great piece about living below your means.
I actually learned quite a bit from the "Millionaire Next Door": They call it playing good defense. I'm sure glad Connie is a good defense player 🙂 BTW, a good test of your below your means quotient is what actual book on Amazon will you buy. The default is you can get a hard cover new for $15.40. But, they also offer a used hardcover for $6.98, a paperback for $10.47, the audio cassette for $12.60 or a used paperback for $7.25.
Me? Well, none of the above. I'd got to "": where you can get a like new one for $3.95 plus $2 shipping. 🙂 Guess that makes me cheap.
Connie would say, "why do we need this book anyway?" She's the star.

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