SB61G2 Solved and Comcast Redux


Eureka, that last post about loose connectors finally tipped me off. When I installed a wireless LAN card in the Shuttle, there is a header behind the card that got disconnected. This blew away the front USB ports and also the audio on *both* the front and the back. Now it is reseated and everything works. The Shuttle is so small, it is easy to dislodge things.
h4. Comcast woes continue
If you plug a different network card into the Comcast modem, Comcast, unlike AT&T does detection of cards. This forces a complete reinstall and reauthentication. Means that you should make sure to keep your subscriber ID and your work order number around for a _long_ time. You also need to keep the magic installation CD somewhere close. What a hassle. It also requires three reboots even on Windows XP. Sigh.