Shuttle SS51 FAQ


SFF TECH SS51 FAQ. Hey, here looks like a good source of information on the XPC. Most complete that I've seen. Here are some tidbits:
* "Lost Circuits on BIOS": Reportedly the most complete explanation of what all those BIOS settings mean.
* "Trouble Burning CD-R, CD-RW or DVD": If this doesn?t solve your problem, some users have reported vastly improved speed and reliability of CD/DVD drives after installing chipset IDE drivers. Please see the FAQ's 'Drivers & Downloads' category for more information on obtaining these drivers if available for your particular chipset.
* "SiS IDE Drivers": Do I need to install the SS51 IDE "drivers": on my machine? No. In fact, these drivers are not provided by Shuttle directly, but are available from SiS, the chipset manufacturer. It has been reported that these drivers resolve certain DMA and other issues relating to CD-ROM, CD-RW, and DVD devices within the SS51. It has also been reported that installing these drivers can increase system hard-disk performance. Note, if you do not install these drivers, Windows or Linux will use its own internal drivers.
* "USB 2.0 Drivers": You need them if you want to run USB 2.0 on the older SS51G apparently.
* "Quieter Fan": The fan is incredibly loud, so some hackers figured out how to rip it out and replace it. Not for the faint of heart.