Sony DRU-120A becomes a Ricoh DVD MP-5125A

Sony firmware is not that great. Release 1.51 blows away your ability to read double density DVDs (e.g., DVD9’s). Also, with Sony firmware, you can’t use the bitset compatibility trick to make DVD written with it work with many players, so it is better to switch it to Ricoh firmware. Since the firmware update (Rflash […]

Wifi hotspots…

Satoshi’s Wireless Weblog: User Interface is an Art: WiFi hotspot business. The usual smart thoughts from Satoshi. Glad to know that he wouldn’t fund a wifi subscription service (since we haven’t :-). It is interesting to ask what folks will want with all these hotspots and will there be an opportunity to monetize them. Low […]

Good pair of headphones

Zagula spells trouble: Headphones. Zagula is on the headphone hunt as I was not too long ago. As usual, it depends on what you want and where you want to use them. Presuming, this is mainly for the airplane. There are the echo cancellers like the Bose which a big a bulky. Turns out you […]

Kazaa, PeerGuardian and RIAA Blocking

Emocium: Forum – 2 Kazaa Programs Try to Block RIAA. So, it has begun. Now folks are going to have a public list of RIAA IP addresses at something called Public Guardian and you can block addresses with some Kazaa derivatives. “Banned IP Addresses”: So it goes. Shows that technical solutions are always out there. […]

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