Really Low Gear Cranks.

Really Low Gear Cranks. _Yet another great tip from Ed and Fred about how to get really low gear ratios_
Dear Uncle Al: I read that Tyler Hamilton was running 52/36-tooth chainrings for the climbing stages of the Tour. I'm wondering if I could set up my road bike like that. It seems to be a great way to gear down for a hilly event or multiday tour. -- Sheila O.
Uncle Al Fires Back: Tyler is using a team sponsor's really cool carbon crankset with a 110-mm bolt pattern. It allows a 34- or 36-tooth small ring. Full Speed Ahead (FSA) makes that 110 crank for just the reason Tyler uses it -- better climbing ratios called the "Carbon Pro Compact": Pinarello has a similar carbon crank. I really like the idea! This is for 9-speed Shimano compatible. Only 521 grams too. Wonder when the Dura-Ace 10 compatible one comes out 🙂
Unfortunately, a Shimano double-chainring crank has a 130-mm bolt pattern, and Campagnolo uses 135. Neither is designed for smaller than a 39-tooth ring. I hear of 38T rings in the
aftermarket, but they're not made by Shimano or Campy.

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