“Chris Carmichael”:http://www.olntv.com/tdf03/carmichael.html has some of the best commentaries about what is going on with Lance I’ve seen. Here are few key ones before the Time Trial tommorrow. Good luck Lance!:
* Lance needs a kick. Basically says that at Luiz Ardiden, Lance was cool, but not on fire, the fall gave him a kick in the pants to go and win it.
* “Stage 19 Preview”:http://www.olntv.com/tdf03/carmichael18.html. It’s been years since a time trial has mattered so much. Lemond overcame a 50 second defiicit in 1989 to win by eight seconds overall. Did the same to win his third a year later. There are only 65 seconds between Ullrich and Armstrong. Gulp…

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