New P2P Systems

New P2P Systems

Been trying some new services based on various articles I've read. Here are two:
* Blubster - Welcome to the largest online music network.. This one uses a protocol call MP2P and also claims to have privacy features such as anonymous access since it uses UDP. Only does music. It does require that you understand how to open your firewall up though to a magic UDP port. I would use in concert with a IP blocking program like PeerGuardian
* "Freenet": I haven't completely figured out this program yet, but it also have an privacy component. You do have to give up some of your hard drive to it so that it can cache things though. Pretty hard to figure out how to use, but lots of interesting content. Also requires "firewall": hacking.

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  1. Rather than manually hack the firewall, I heard there is this great tool called Port Magic from Pure Networks that does this automatically. 🙂 I use it with Freenet all the time.

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