Well, it’s time to think about virtual next year. The summer is done, so what rides am I committing to and training for. Here is the list:
* Ride for the Roses. October 26, 2003. Sunday. Ride for the Roses is a century in Austin. Sounds like a wonderful event. Saturday is the all day bike expo and fair. Sounds like fun.
* “AIDS Lifecycle”:http://www.aidslifecycle.org/. June 6-12 from San Francisco to LA. Sounds like a wonderful ride. Hat tip to “Hoops”:http://scbhooper.com for finding this one. It is 7 days and 585 miles. Have to say, it sounds long, but the training program looks simple compared to the one-day STP. It is still 83 miles per day though!
* “STP”:http://cascade.org/EandR/STP.cfm. July 17-18, 2004 in the upcoming year. It is the 25th anniversary by the way.
* “Butterfiled and Robinson”:http://www.butterfield.com/index.asp?navid=125. Sometime in July, plan a bike trip with the whole family. Hoops is looking into it now.

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