ProLink Chain Lube Use


_Hat tip to "": newsletter on this tip about ProLink._
I can't say enough about ProLink. It keeps a chain running clean, it lasts longer than any lube I've used, it seems impervious to water, and it increases chain life substantially. You can find our full review at "ProLink":
If you buy the 32-oz. size, you'll save some dough and have enough to last a couple seasons. There's no need to lube as often because this stuff lasts.
I know this sounds like an ad, but the guys at Pro Gold Products did their homework on ProLink, and then some.
A word to the wise(guys): Don't apply ProLink or any other "dry" lube just before a ride. It'll get slung all over the back end of your bike and the chain will vacuum up road grime.
A dry lube must be allowed to dry before you ride. If you can't wait overnight, steal someone's hairdryer to speed up the process. If you get caught, claim the devil made you do it and promise never again (with your fingers crossed behind
your back, of course).
Bottom line: More important than what you do to a brand-new chain, keep it clean and lubed throughout its life. Life ends when there is measurable stretch.