UCDS and the John Neilson Fund
_John Neilson passed away several years ago, but his memory lives on. Connie and I contributed to a fund for teaching and education. Here are some results from a program that is part of the teaching center it supports. It is kind of cool to see something that actually works_

We’ve just received great news about the current state of Thurgood Marshall’s math program (UCDS, in a collaboration with the Applied Math Department at the UW and funded by a grant from the NSF, has been mentoring their teachers in this area for two years). As the figures below show, 4th grade students at Thurgood Marshall now have math scores that exceed the Washington State average. We will provide a full story on this in an upcoming issue of the weekly, but felt you would want to celebrate this amazing news with us now.
|Math WASL Pass Rate|2000-2001|2001-2002|2002-2003|
|4th Grade Thurgood|9.8%|45.5%|58.7%|
|Washington State Average|43.4%|51.8%|55.2%|

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