RSS Readers

RSS Readers

According to "Ludwig":, he only reads using RSS instead of browsing web sites the old fashion way, so I'm off to find the best RSS reader. Not easy to find I should say. Lots of developments since the last time I looked. Here are the sources:
* RSS Readers (RSS Info). The top google reference when looking for rss readers.
* "Weblogs Compendium": A list of RSS readers, but not reviewed really.
Here are reviews of the ones I've used so far:
# "Feedreader": The top hit from Google. Haven't tried it yet. Doesn't seem to work with what MovableType outputs alone, so you have to know where the rdf files are.
# "Amphetadesk": This was the original reader. It reads and spits it out in a local web server page. Main problems are that it is pretty slow because it uses a web interface and also the application itself is ugly. Has this whole notion of channels which is a little complicated.

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  1. try newsgator. Works great with outlook. And with OWA you can see a page of your feeds anywhere. Needs some tweaking on setup tho, come see me

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