Incredible Traffic

Site Meter – Counter and Statistics Tracker. I can’t quite believe it. I think the statistics must be wrong. In any case, I use Sitemeter to record page views and visits and have some history there.
In July, I changed Sitemeter to record all hits across all pages of my blog. Here are the statistics:
| Month | Page Views | Visits |
| June | 3,000 | 1,000 |
| July | 6,000 | 3,500 |
| August | 13,500 | 8,500 |
| Sept | 21,000 | 14,200 |
| Oct (est) | 36,000 | 25,000 |
Is anyone else stunned that a basically useless blog is getting hit so much. Now much of this is because of the various robots running around indexing blogs, I think. I see that technorati, popdex and so forth are trolling pretty regularly, but there does seem to be more traffic.

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