Five components that caught Andrew’s attention _Here’s that caught Velonew’s attention at Interbike 2003. Man what I wouldn’t give to have a Titanium Ritchey Break-Away with Dura-Ace 10 components and have it weigh 17 pounds_
5. Ritchey BreakAway
Ritchey’s new foldable BreakAway bikes are full size, standard geometry steel road bicycles with 700c wheels, that feature a unique coupling system that allows the bike/frame to be quickly disassembled and packed into a 26x28x9″ suitcase. The bike weighs 19 lbs and is equipped with Ritchey Pro and Shimano Ultegra components. Suggested retail is $2500 (includes case). A 17 pound prototype titanium version was shown at the booth and may or may not see production.

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