More on the Shuttle ST61G and SB75G2


X-bit labs - Hardware news - New Shuttle XPCs ST61G and SB75G2 - Targeting Gamers and Enterprises?. _Another hat tip to Xbitlabs_
The XPC ST61G barebone ? first SFF PC powered by the RADEON 9100 IGP core-logic with integrated graphic core supporting DirectX 8.1 capabilities unveiled this Summer ? is probably targeted for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts. Besides the relatively powerful graphics, the ST61G is able to provide a dual-channel memory controller to boost performance in multimedia applications, 1AGP 8x and 1 PCI slot for greater expandability, 2-channel Parallel ATA controller as well as 2 Serial ATA-150 ports. Generally, the ST61G is a PC that packs dozens of capabilities and may be upgraded to bring even more features and performance to satisfy growing demand for extreme performance.
A couple of days ago a new XPC barebone from Shuttle ? SB75G2 ? emerged in a number of Akihabara stores in Japan. The product is built upon i875P core-logic ? Intel?s premier chipset this year. The SB75G brings everything Shuttle XPC platform has to offer ? loads of I/O ports, including USB 2.0 and FireWire, Shuttle?s own technologies as well as 220W PSU ? one of the most powerful PSU used in barebones. The main peculiarity of the PC barebone is a number of enterprise PC features ? Gigabit Ethernet, ECC memory support and Serial ATA-150 RAID. All three are hardly used at home, but are popular among workstation users demanding rock-solid stability and the fastest Ethernet connection