X-bit labs – Hardware news – Shuttle Projects Further Growth of XPC Shipments in 2004. _Amazing how big a business these XPCs are getting to be_
Shuttle said in an interview to DigiTimes web-site that its XPC shipments this year will be between 550 and 600 thousands of units, 50 to 100 thousands more than originally predicted, and a 120% to 140% growth from the last year?s 250 thousands of Shuttle SFF PCs. The company shipped 373 thousands of its mini-barebones in the first three quarters of this year. However, the demand for small form-factor PCs from both clone and OEM markets is likely to push sales of XPCs up to 55 thousands per month in November and December, about 10 thousands more than Shuttle typically estimates.
Market Intelligence Center (MIC) based in Taiwan predicts that share of mini-barebone computers among all desktops shipped this year will be about 1.5% ? that is more than 1.60 million of units. Roughly 30% of the market is occupied by Shuttle, while the remaining tens of companies, including MSI, IWILL, Soltek, Gigabyte, Biostar, ASUS, ECS, ABIT, FIC and loads of others, share the remaining 60% or about a million of units.

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