Nothing beats something that is experiential. Now how do you find what’s playing in San Francisco if you live in Seattle. The internet is how:
First of all how to figure out what a good broadway show is:
* “Playbill”:, “”:, and “Internet Theater Database”: These are the big sites. Playbill is mainly a listing site that tells you want is playing where. is mainly for London and New York tickets but it does have some great review summaries. ITDB was just restarted so hard to tell.
* “Takin’ Broadway”:, “Broadway Play Reviews”: Seeing what’s good is easy at this site and also at “Theater Reviews”: These are the sites with good google rankings.
In terms of what is in San Francisco, you can try:
* “San”: This is their theater guide. Also has an easy way to find tickets.
* “Best of Broadway”: This has the listing for three great theaters in San Francisco. The Orpheum, the Golden Gate and the Curran.
* Mama Mia. One of the best sites I’ve seen for finding broadway in San Francisco. Thank goodness for the Internet. Mama Mia is playing February 24-April 17 there. Cats is on right now.
Where can you get tickets?
* “Stubhub”: The place to buy and sell tickets. I’m sure ebay is another place.
* “Friendly Tickets”: These folks are local to San Francisco it looks like. The main ebay posters too.

4 responses to “Fun things in San Francisco”

  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    Yup, let me know how it goes, Rose

  2. Rose Avatar

    going ghost hunting this week in San Francisco…will let you know what I come up with

  3. Rich Tong Avatar

    Sorry didn’t look up ghost hunts. San Jose, well I have my own opinions about that. Not the culture center of the universe though 🙂

  4. Asbestos Sweater Avatar

    You have any links for haunted locations in san francisco? I wanna go on some ghost hunts.
    There’s not much to do in the south bay. San Jose is hella boring.

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