Polar Power s720i output meter is broken…

Darn it, I like the monitor, but thing has mysteriously died. I get heart rate and speed, but I don’t get cadence or power anymore. Sent a note to the folks at Polar and they think: _If the Power sensor shows green light, then cadence should work. Have you chosen the cadence ON (also power) […]

Printing directly to a CD or DVD

“Tom’s Hardware”:http://www.tomshardware.com/howto/20040127/index.html. Given that doing the label and then affixing it to a CD and DVD is a pain, maybe the better way is to print directly to the CD. The Epson R800 and a couple of other models do this. Could be the tipping point for me in buying one of these. Here’s what […]

Captcha: Telling humans apart from machines

“Captcha”:http://www.captcha.net/. Bill Gate mentioned this in his Davos talk, but the idea is that if you don’t want spam send something back which computational hard for a machine, but easy for a person. Here is the CMU version of this. Ticketmaster uses this as does quite a few bulletin boards and some other places. He’s […]

Interesting Trends: Knoppix, USB Flash, OceanStore and RDF

Interesting to see how two trends could make the PC quite different from what we know it. Beside Google, “Citeseer”:http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/cs is an incredibly useful way to find related academic documents. Give it a try. # “Knoppix”:http://www.knoppix.org/ . Now that modern BIOS let you boot from just about anything. Not just a floppy, but really anything, […]

Photo Printers: January Update…

OK, based on a couple of reviews at popphoto.com and also photo-i.co.uk, here’s a list of printers to consider at the top end: * Epson 2200. $600 street. The grand daddy anmd most folks still love it. * Epson Stylus “R800”:http://www.photo-i.co.uk/Reviews/interactive/Epson%20R800/. $400 street. Brand new, has 8 inks. Can also print directly to DVDs/CDs. Some […]

HP Printer Cartridges…

We have an old HP Deskjet 970Cse. Printer cartridges are amazingly expensive at $25 for large black (45A) and $50 for large color (78). “Omnipro”: http://store.omni-biz.com/. Trying a place that sells remanfactured cartridges for $10 and $15 respectively a pop. A little bit of a risk, but interested to see what the quality is like. […]

What is MyTues, QTFairUse and Audio Hijack?

Chaosmint :: QTFairUse, MyTunes, and Protected AAC Explained. I’ve been using itunes for a litle bit on the Mac. Because it does such a good end-user job, its hard to see what’s really going on underneath. Great notes from Chaosmint about what is really happening: * File Formats. There are unencrypted formats MP3 and M4A […]

Entourage Problems

I’ve been using Mac OS X for a while now. Finally getting used to it. Main issue is that Entourage seems very slow and also seems to crash. * “Entourage Unexpected Quits”:http://www.macfixitforums.com/php/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=OfficeX&Number=370362&page=19&view=collapsed&sb=1&o=&fpart=1. Another in a series of great errors messages. Have this with both Entourage and Ecto (a offline blog editor). Seems like the equivalent […]

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