Repair XP Guide

Repair XP Breat notes from Harry O. on fixing Windows XP. Man, you have to be smart sometimes. Some great links and notes. here are some I’ve used lately:
* “Repair by Installing Over”: Good notes on how to repair. If you have an OEM CD you are in luck, it has a repair option that let’s you blow away what’s corrupted. Great if you’ve destroyed the NTFS partition by overclocking :0)
* “Better XP Boot Floppy”: If you still have a machine with a floppy or better yet a motherboard that knows how to boot a USB Floppy, here’s how to create a universal boot disk.
* “Knoppix”: – Ok this might appear to be blasphemy on a site dedicated to Windows but if your system is really hosed and you are desperate to get data off the drive then give Knoppix a go. The download is a whopping 700MB but you get an ISO that, when burned to CD, creates a version of Linux that runs directly off the CD and doesn’t require installation to your Hard Drive. With this CD Operating System you can access your NTFS or FAT partitions and with it’s built in CD Burning software copy your important data off the drive . Or if you have a network you can transfer files to another system. This is a must have! I’m amazed. This would have saved me lots of time if I knew this existed.

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