Software mod for turning your Radeon 9800SE into a 9800Pro- FAQ


Software mod for turning your Radeon 9500 non-Pro into a 9700 - FAQ. Wow, you can both overclock your video card. it also turns out that you can take a 9800SE and with a software modification to drivers, turn on some of the hardware on the board and turn it into a 9800 Pro. That's a big price difference if it works. Of course, you have to know exactly what the board layout is.
Apparently, some 9800SE cards are actually 256 bits wide, but only have 128 bits turned out because so you can try to turn it on and see if you see artifcats and other problems. You can also overclock the memory.
Amazing what folks have found out.

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2 Replies to “Software mod for turning your Radeon 9800SE into a 9800Pro- FAQ”

  1. bought a 9800se off e-bay all ready modded. found that it was getting too hot and the vpu kept resetting, had to put a fan at the side of the cards fan “artic cooling” this worked fine, played farcry & doom on medium settings “great” lasted about too weeks. just browsing internet, screen went blank, thats it card will not work anymore..?90 for two weeks use!!
    is this card repairable? other’s have also had this problem with pro’s & xt’s.

  2. Sad to say, I’m no expert, but when you are running these cards maxed out, I’m pretty sure you can destroy them. I’ve seen reviews that show temperatures going up to 80 degrees C. The main problem is that there are no temperature controls on this processor.
    Kind of like the early days of the Athlon XP that would literally catch on fire if the cooler stopped for one second. So my bet would be that you’ve roasted the thing pretty badly and it is dead.
    Sorry about that. For me, I’ve been thinking about getting an artic cooling silencer as well, but without knowing what temps you are running at it is kind of like shooting in the dark.
    IMHO nVidia and ATI should put thermistors into their designs and slow down automatically (Intel’s great idea) or just stop before meltdown (less elegant, but what the Athlons do).

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