nVHardpage. On to tweaking the new video card. Wow, these new ones are incredibly powerful. This seems like the best utility for nVidia. Basically, it turns on some pretty complex menus you find in the advanced display menu. Also has a mode where you can test your video memory to make it go faster.
In our case, we have a GeForce 5900 SE (using the Nvidia 5900 XT chipset a.k.a. NV36). It gets 36693 Aquamarks when (4923 gpu, 7298 cpu) when running with a 2.15GHz Athlon XP (Barton 0.13micron, 512KB cache at 390MHz system bus). That with 400MHz RAMDAC and 700MHz video memory. According to the board, this can overclock to 450MHz and 800MHz. So giving that a try on speed.
This particular machine doesn’t like getting close to 200MHz on FSB. That’s mainly memory I think. I bought cheap Kingston Valueram CL3 memory and that just doesn’t like getting close to 200MHz. Had the same problem with my Dad’s Kingston HyperX CL2 memory but boost the voltage to 1.65 volts and that fixed the problems. This Valueram sample doesn’t seem to get better when memory boosts.

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