Aquamark Benchmarks


AquaMark ARC - Overview. Kind of a cool site. These use a Aquamark, a benchmark based on a real game. You submit your ratings up there and see how to tune. For instance, Alex's new Athlon went from a score of 36693 (this is really 36.693 frames per second in the benchmark) to 40145 by overclocking the graphics card.
The RAMDACs went from 400MHz to 450Mhz and the memory on the card from 700MHz to 800MHz. Interesting to see how stable and also to see how high you can get.
The biggest is a Pentium overclocked to 4.2GHz (!!!) that does nearly 70,000. Wow. They also overclocked the graphics card (nVidia 5900 Ultra) to 668/1071MHz. Wow!