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Ghost Recon Jungle Storm. Got Ghost Recon as part of my video card bundle. Wow, how much these tactical first person games are using the machines. Amazing how graphics and so forth. Its an old game, but here are some links to folks modding it:
* "Walkthroughs": A detailed walkthrough of all the missions. Missions 8-10 are missing, so "Pierre Maris': and "Cynn Smith": or "Abby Cheats":
* "Unlock Codes": A good list of unlock codes. There are some XML files that tell the game what missions you've done and what specialists you can use.
* "Platoon": The usual set of great folks modding and giving advice.
* "Tactics advice": Some great advice.
* "Graphics settings": Explains all those complicated graphics settings. Main advice is that shadows is a 15fps hit on frame rates, so turn this off
* "Damage model": For techies who like to know what is going on.
* "Sniping Tactics": One of my favorite guys is the sniper. He's great for being long range.
* "Threat sensor": Strange magic device in the game that tells you where the bad guys are. The little arrow on the inside is north. there is a direction indicator and the red light comes on when there is an enemy within 40 meters.
* "The Weapons": A good guide to the weapons used.
* "File Planet": Another place for great downloads. Has a mod called frostbite that looks fun.
"Full Spectrum Warrier": And now that I'm addicted, there is a simulator adapted from the US Army coming out. It won the E3 2003 award. Should be out in early 2004.

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  1. maybe you can help me ….on jungle storm the oclet dessert mission ….how do you deploy the signal beacon on the helicoptor? I don’t know what a signal beacon is?

  2. Well, John, I did buy Call of Duty, less accurate than ghost recon as a simulation, but lots of fun as doom in 1945 🙂
    On your question on Jungle Storm, can’t help you quite yet. I haven’t gone through jungle storm yet so can’t tell, you can go through the walkthroughs though and they can help at

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