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Well back to work. The ACL tear sure hurt for three weeks and I have to admit I was completely zonked out. Amazing what I spewed on this blog, so I take it all back. Now that I’m back with 1,000 email messages, this whole spam thing has taken on a new urgency. I’ve been using an iMac as my main machine and Entourage for accessing Exchange. The base spam filter in it doesn’t seem to work worth a darn, so I’m off to search for add-ons. There aren’t many for the Mac. Here are some observations.
* Mac Mail. The mail that comes with jaguar actually has a Bayesian spam filter in it. It reads IMAP which is great but not the rest of Exchange so to use it I’d have to use Entourage for calendar and contacts and Mac mail for the rest. A nice UI though as usual.

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  1. Bryan Sadowski Avatar
    Bryan Sadowski

    I use mac and set it for IMAP because the EXCHANGE setting really doesn’t buy you anything from what I’ve seen. I use addressbook and connect to weboutlook to get all my addresses in sync. And I use a little program from called groupcal, which updates iCal with weboutlook calendar. There are issues with dragging over ics appts directly from mail to iCal so when someone sends an via exchange I usually will go to weboutlook and accept the appt there. Then the snerdware app will automatically sync it with iCal.
    So other than the annoyance of having to accept appts via weboutlook it is great. You can create appts and invite people through iCal to Exchange though which is great.

  2. RichyB Avatar

    If you where using POP3 then you could have used that works macs.

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