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The Furrygoat Experience: HDTV Goodness. _Hat tip to John Ludwig_
Here's the latest listing of HDTV channels in Seattle. I watched the NBA All-star pre-game on ESPN. Wow, was that clear. Also, InHD is not bad as demo stuff. Main issue is that KOMO-4 in particular seems to have an audio sync problem. Funny lags.
See "Titan TV": for program times.
* Channel 100 Mariners
* Channel 104 KOMO-4 (ABC)
* Channel 105 KING-5 (NBC)
* Channel 106 KONG-6
* Channel 108 KCTS (PBS)
* Channel 113 Q13 (FOX)
* Channel 114 WB22 (WB)
* Channel 173 ESPN-HD
* Channel 549 HBO HDTV
* Channel 574 Showtime HD
* Channel 664 InHD1
* Channel 665 InHD2

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  1. Add two new ones as of this week:
    STARZ-HD at 532 & CineMax-HD at 563.
    I’m looking forward to the M’s on HD.

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