Athlon 64 Optimizations


Its been hard to find code optimized for the Athlon 64. Here were some threads I found on the topic as folks struggle to do this:
* - Creative ways to achieve Athlon 64 / Opteron optimization
* "AMD64 Optimized":,,30_118_9485_9488^9563^9598,00.html. The small list of folks doing 64-bit optimizations. Biggest names are probably America's Army (a cool game) and Dr. DiVX encoding. Both of these require 64-bit Windows (in beta now).
* "AMD-64": A site sponsored by AMD for developers writing 64-bit applications.
* "PlanetAMD64": Another enthusiast site with announcements
* "Mandrake":, "NetBSD": and "FreeBSD":, "Suse":, "Debian": ports to AMD64