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Well I know most folks use Internet Explorer, but I’ve spent a little bit of time using some alternative (non-traditional browsers). Here’s a quick review, in order of preference:
* “Opera”: Definitely the geeks choice. Features that I love are: a) it has panes, so you can multiple web pages open at the same time and can have these pane tabs on the left, b) the absolutely best feature is that you can set it to remember where you last were, so that for a multitasker like me, you can have lots of threads of browsing, close Opera off and get back to the exact same place the next day, c) it has lots of built in search boxes, so you can search google, amazon, ebay, directly from the tool bar, d) it has popup killing built right in, e) uses every button of the mouse, for instance clicking the thumbwheel opens up a new pane in the background and f) super fine grained control over cookies. The drags are that it isn’t completely compatible with IE, so it will run Javascripts for instance, but doesn’t support right clicks. They are going public buy the way and have a good revenue model by using google adsense for their freeware versions. Underneath it uses the Mozilla code for rendering, so it will have all the usual. Finally, I forgot to mention that it has a very nice imap/pop3 mail client that’s part of the paned views and the way it handles file downloads is great. Rather than having downloads disappear, there is a pane for them, so you can always double click on what you’ve downloaded to start them rather than searching the hard disk wondering where the files when. Downloads simulatenously and in the background.
* “Safari”: This is the built-in browser on the Mac. Has paned views like Opera. Isn’t particularly fast, but that could be because I only have an 800 MHz iMac and everything feels a little less snappy. The panes are nice though.
* “Firefox”: This is the new browser from the folks that brought us the original browser. Anyway, this is a super streamlined application with relatively few features. I’m just getting to know this one.

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  1. heather Avatar

    Now if they would just ALL just be w3c compliant I wouldn’t have to find hacks for each of them when designing web pages! Argh!
    I like Opera too.

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