Barrow Alaska Research Notes


Here are some links for things that happened in Alaska around 1987, Barrow Alaska and whaling there:
* "Bowheads in Alaska": A note about Bowheads
What happened around 1987:
* "Exxon Valdez": Crashed into Bligh Reef 11M gallons. March 24, 1989.
* "Wikipedia 1986": It's hard to access Encyclopedias or other things, this wiki is pretty good though.
* "Whaling History": The history of commercial whaling
* "Bowhead Whaling History": Story of how Alaskan Bowheads were conserved.
* "Technology of whaling and global history": Includes the invention of the bomb lance, shoulder guns, etc.
* "Bowhead Protection Status": Bowheads were protected in 1938. Commercial whaling began in 1600s, First People have whaled for thousands of years.
* "Snowmobile Inventor": Bombardier invented it in 1937.
* "Barrow History": Recent history in short form
* "Inupiat History": More depth on the history of Barrow and the Inupiat
* "Alaska History": A larger chronology.