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For Brad's party, we need an instrumental of a Little Help from my friends. A great reminder of how hard it is to do certain things. Like get a MIDI file into a CD. Here's how and its amazingly hard to do. Requires you pay dollars for a utility for something as trivial as MIDI to WAV file conversion. In any case, if you are ever cursed with this project, here are the steps:
# How to Convert MIDI files to WAVE files. _Hat tip to notationmachine.com for this explanation_ Before I begin to explain this, understand that MIDI files don't contain any sounds so we need to use some sort of synthesiser-- either an external one, or the one in your computer and record this synth as a wave file. The first question you must answer is: Are you happy with the quality of the sounds of these MIDI files right now? Do you want to record them as they sound right now in your computer using your computer's synth? If so, then it's simple. Just read on. If not, scroll to the bottom and read the directions below.
## Get the MIDI file. Many times, these are embedded in Web pages, so you have to go to Internet Explorer and choose the web page, then pick view source and go through the HTML to find the actual URL where the MIDI lives, then you can choose Save As and this puts the Midi file on your machine.
## You need to open your volume controls (double click the yellow speaker icon in the tray (the tray is the clock area of your Windows computer)).
## Check the 'Mute' check boxes for all sliders except 'Synthesizer Balance.'
## Now select 'Options' and 'Properties.' Click 'Recording'. Press OK
# "Sound Recorder stinks":http://www.1st-sound-recorder.com/. The base sound recorder stinks in XP. It hasn't been updated since Windows 3.1 if you can believe that, so you are trapped with overpriced shareware to do the trivial thing of converting what's in the sound card into a WAV file for further processing. I tried a bunch. But, this is a tool for $30 that at least works. Let's you edit things as well, so you basically load the MIDI file
## With Sound Recorder, you play the MIDI file. This can be done in Winamp for instance, then you choose record from 1st-sound-recorder.
## You can then edit it. The cost for that product is $30, but at least it happens instantly. Cool Edit, another recommendation is now called Adobe Audition and cost $300 if you can believe that.
# Now that you are done with this, you can load up Nero and you can create the CD with the WAV file.

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  1. Wow.. after stumbling onto your page about converting midi files to burn to CD I just had to write. I believe you are going through a process that is much easier than it “sounds”. (pun intended) Basically you are adding steps to a rather simple process of saving the midi file to a wave (which is of poor sound reproduction qualities compared to MP3). All you really need is the downloaded midi file you want to convert and use an inexpensive audio converter like Mid Converter 3.2 / cost $19.95. MID Converter is an easy-to-use MIDI to (several formats) MP3, .ogg and .wav – Converter software designed to convert midi files easily with the one click of a button. You can use MID Converter to playback files directly in the program as well. Their web address is http://midconverter.com/ .
    Once the file is converted Windows Media will save it for you onto CD in the .CDA format that all comercial CD’s come in. Hope this helps your readers !

  2. Thanks, Rex. If only midconverter.com had appeared on google.com at all. I looked and looked for how to do this and finally found the soundrecorder thing.
    The main issue is that without a MIDI to WAVE converter you’re stuck and this is stuck and this is such a speciality item none of the included Windows utilities do it.

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