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Well, I've been to Hawaii a bunch but never figured out how to really get a good ride in there. Here are some resources:
* "The Bike Shop": The big multi store chain. There is one right in Kailua on Oahu. They "rent": the Specialized Allez for $110/week and you can also pack and ship to them for $35 to assemble and $100 for UPS to actually deliver the bike. It's $20 to disassemble and then $60 to send to the mainland. You have to send the week before hand.
* "Hawaiian Bike League": Good road bike routes on Oahu. Most interesting is the one over the Pali mountains from Waikiki to Kailua. Amazing they say that bicyclists can take that one. Boy is it busy!
* Kona Hawaii Daily Bike Tours and Big Island Bicycle Vacation Packages with Orchid Isle Bicycling.. This is on the big island. Not sure how serious it is, but they are there doing packages
* "Maui Bike": Seems like a relaxed thing, they offer 24-speed comfort bikes.
* "Island Biker Maui": A little more serious, this is a local bike shop on Maui. You can for instance rent a 2003 Specialized Allez Sports for $125/week. Or a Specialized Epic for $45/day.
* "CyclEvents": They run road cycling tours on the big island, Kauai and Maui now.
* "Bike Hawaii": They give you trails for mountain biking all over the Hawaiian Islands.

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  1. FYI A fun road bike afternoon trip is to begin your bike ride on the Napali Coast and ride up to the top of the Waimea Canyon. My husband and I did this with Island Bicycle Adventurer in 1988. (I am not sure they are still providing this trek) but what a great climb and cute little cabins to overnight in at the top. A hike in the canyon the next day was beautiful and the ride down the canyon was awesome.

  2. My wife is from Hawaii and in the last 1 and 1/2 years I’ve ridden there twice now. My wife’s family lives in Oahu. I rented a bike at The Bike Shop for like $25/day; $110/week. My ride is mostly hills since my wife’s family lives 2 miles up a hill (Pacific Heights Dr.).
    My ride usually consisted of riding down Pacific Heights over to Mikiki Heights St. I then had a “choice” of either riding up Mikiki Heights up to Tantalus Dr. (to the left) or Round Top Dr. (to the right). The 2 roads merge into each other on the top.
    The ride up Tantalus Dr. is steeper than Round Top. However, neither is too bad, I like to climb, and the round trip usually takes about an hour. With the climb back up Pacific Heights Rd, I ended up with a nice 2 hours ride.

  3. Hey thanks for the tip. I tried to rent from The Bike Shop as well, but you have to reserve pretty far in advance.
    Nice guys though. Great suggestion on rides. I normally end up near Lanikai so it sounds like the best ride from there is to go towards the north shore. What think?

  4. Consider getting a travel bike, or if you have a steel bike, getting it retrofitted with S and S couplings. I did this to my Bianche Veloce this spring and have taken the bike on four trips so far. The case meets the airline’s free baggage limits. It takes about 45 minutes to assemble or disassemble the bike. See
    I’m taking the bike to Maui next month for

  5. Aloha
    I found a link to my website on this site.
    Thank you.
    Regarding a comment posted by “rich” he didn’t know if we are serious and he said he couldn’t get a good ride in on the Bid Island.
    To all cyclist who are coming to the Big Island, try us.
    We offer rides for the novice to the experienced cyclists.
    All ages and all abillities.
    Keep on riding.

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