Backing up Games

Once you start spending dollars on games, I have to wonder what you do when you realize that your 4-year-old could easily destroy the CD and then you lose the game. Unfortunately, game vendors are so intent on preventing copying that it is actually quite hard to make a backup for yourself. Here are some hints (for the record, this ain’t about piracy, but about what happens, when Grace pours juice on your CD):
# GameCopyWorld – Generic SafeDisc Patch. Good overview of potential solutions. There are some wrappers that fool things like SafeDisc that are either generic or game specific. There used to be a program CloneCD that would let you do backups, but it isn’t around anymore because of legal issues.
# “Gamefix”: This site has a bunch of tools that emulate some of the copy protection schemes like SafeDisc or SecuRom or CopyLok
You can also try to read these copy protected disk with conventional tools, but there will be lots of errors (see “Gamefix”:
Image Tab
Image file Enter a Image filename
Copy options Tab
On the fly DeSelect
Drive with source CD… Select Source CD-Reader
Read Speed 1x (150 kB/s)
Read options Tab
Number of retries before read error 1
Read media catalog number and ISCR Select
Ignore illegal TOC Type Select
Unreadable data Continue copying
Data mode 1 – Force raw reading
– If it can be changed or it is not ghosted DeSelect
Data mode 2 – Force raw reading DeSelect
Read audio data with sub channel Select
Use Jitter correction Select (for older Readers)
Ignore read errors Select
Burn Tab
Ignore read errors 1x (150 KB/s)
When ready click Copy CD to start the copy process

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