Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality Homepage – Complete Market Surveys of 3D-Glasses VR-Helmets 3D-Software. Well, I tried these eDimensional glasses. Plugged it in, but with the latest nVidia drivers, I get an instant blue screen when I start Windows XP and then get blown into some strange video mode where the screen is blank or blinking.
Sounds like some sort of conflict with the latest drivers. Maybe this bulletin board will help. Sending email to nVidia and eDimensional has been fruitless, but note I tried this and it get the drivers to install correctly. Apparently the 3D stereo drivers were locked in and couldn’t be removed. Go figure.
Anyway, did all this and it still doesn’t work. I don’t think the glasses are flickering, but now I also notice that this won’t work LCD monitors. Should have noted this earlier. Sigh!

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