Debugging Firefox

Firefox Help: Extensions. I’m really liking Mozilla Firefox. The extension architecture is amazing. You get all the great features.
The biggest problem is that extensions are buggy and it is hard to figure out how to reset the application. Even an uninstall won’t help. Nor will cleaning out the registry.
It turns out the real configuration information is kept in a set of hidden folders, so it is like Outlook in that is squirrels stuff away in c:\documents and settings\_user name_\application data\phoenix\
The tricky thing is that it stores them in the Phoenix directory (an old code name doubtless of Firefox), so you can’t find it by searching.
To get a new day, you have to uninstall Firefox and then delete this directory.

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  1. Tyson Avatar

    google sometimes makes me scratch my head. I searched for “debugging firefox” and got your site! specifically this post. weird.

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