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Now that Anandtech is doing a monthly review of hardware, it sure is easier for me to do my guides. They are basically references to Anandtech now. Good recommendations are there. Here is my high end system recommendation. First point of course is that the ship of the Athlon 939 socket (Newcastle) slipped into June, so this is if you want a 754-socket board now (main reason is that you can’t wait). The 939s are supposed to be a just a little bit faster (5%).
(See “Anandtech”: The Athlon 64 again wins the test if you want to game. The main thing here is that you can overclock up to 24% now (so a 2GHz 3200+ goes to 2.4GHz) if you have fast enough memory
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| Part | Cost | Comment |
| AMD Athlon 64 3200+ | “$270”: | Need a late model for better 25% overclocks |
| MSI “K8N Neo”: | $132 | First nForce 250 Pro chipset board out |
| OCZ “PC3700EB”: | “$349”: | Can use for 250 FSB, 8x multiplier for 5% higher speed |
| ATI “Radeon X800 Pro”: | $400 | 2x faster than 9800 Pro |
| Antec True Power 430W | $68 | Most important thing you can buy really! |
| Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10K RPM | $250 | Plus Hitach KT400 for backing storage |
| Lian Li PC-V1000 | “$199”: | Mid-tower case, very quiet |

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