Great 754 boards, 939s coming out next week


AnandTech: Socket 754 Roundup: Comparing Generation 2 _Review of the mature 754 boards. These are going to be good buys when the 939 boards come out next week since they are about the same performance, but an older generation_
Based on features, implementation, value, overclocking performance and flexibility, the Epox 8KDA3 emerges as our Gold Editors Choice as the top Socket 754 motherboard. Users who require Firewire will need to look at another board or plan to use a Firewire card, since it is not included on the Epox.
The MSI K8N Neo Platinum is a truly excellent motherboard that competes in every way with the best of the Socket 754 motherboards. Its performance is virtually identical to the Epox board, and the feature set is second to none. If Firewire is a requirement, the K8N Neo Platinum belongs at the top of your shopping list. If you want a board that makes top performance easy, then the MSI is also the top choice.
Next week will represent the launch of the new Socket 939 processors from AMD. The new Socket 939 chipsets are the same chipsets that you see here: nForce3-250 and K8T800 PRO. The move to Dual-Channel and Socket 939 will be very important to some, but it will not represent the quantum leap in performance that some are expecting. Dual-Channel, after all, did not make a huge difference in the performance of FX and A64 chips when they were the same clock speed with the same cache