Armadillo Song


. One of my favorite songs to sing to Alex when he is a little baby. I'm sure he never understood the words, but all the kids loved it.
Has always brought back memories of me growing up and hanging out with a next-door neighbor, Mark Fraser, who would play cowboy and listen on his Teac Reel-to-reel for hours Viva Terlingua. He's the guy who taught me how to shoot, drive a tractor, ride a dirt bike and run a chipper. All around red neck in New Jersey 🙂 Looking back on it, its amazing I even hung out with the dude. What was he thinking?
Album : Viva Terlingua
Jerry Jeff Walker
Well, when you're down on your luck,
and you ain't got a buck,
in London you're a goner.
Even London Bridge has fallen down,
and moved to Arizona,
now I know why.
And I'll substantiate the rumor
that the English sense of humor
is drier than the Texas sand.
You can put up your dukes,
and you can bet your boots,
that I'm leavin' just as fast as I can.
I wanna go home with the armadillo.
Good country music from Amarillo and Abilene.
The friendliest people and the prettiest women
you've ever seen.
Well it's cold over here, and I swear,
I wish they'd turn the heat on.
And where in the world is that English girl,
I promised I would meet on the third floor.
And of the whole damn lot, the only friend I got,
is a smoke and a cheap guitar.
My mind keeps roamin', my heart keeps longin'
to be home in a Texas bar.
Well, I decided that, I'd get my cowboy hat
and go down to Marble Arch Station.
'Cause when a Texan fancies, he'll take his chances,
and chances will be takin, now that's for sure.
And them Limey eyes, they were eyein' a prize,
that some people call manly footwear.
And they said you're from down South,
and when you open your mouth,
you always seem to put your foot there.

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