Best Video Drivers


Who would have ever thought there was going to be a bunch of debate about this, but in the world of high performance gaming, everyone tries things. "Guru3D": is the site I use for much of this, but here's the quick guide:
* Forums - Which nVIDIA Drivers Are For Your Video Card?. This is an incredibly complex question. Although the nVIDIA drivers are universal, certain releases work better with certain cards. For instance, the GeForce FX Series works great with 66.00 and 61.77, but the new GeForce 6800 series doesn't like 61.12, etc. Right now the best ones to use is 66.00 for 6800 and FX alike at least in terms of higher numbers.
* "Modded Guru3D Drivers":// and "Omega Corner": Both Guru3D and Omega Corner do mods of drivers for increased performance and/or quality. Haven't tried these myself yet.
In terms of using terms of using these, my nVidia 5900GT card is normally running at 300 MHz DAC and 700 MHz for RAM. It can speed up to 400MHz in gaming mode and when it is running on overclock it is 482/787 so quite a bit of overclock is possible.