Washington Primaries


. It's time once again to vote. I lost my election guide, but everything is now on the Internet, if a little hard to find. Here's the Washington State official election guide, they actually have a website called "vote.wa.gov":http:/vote.wa.gov

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2 Replies to “Washington Primaries”

  1. Rich, it’s funny how I took those voter guides for granted when I lived in WA. Here in TN, there are no voter guides at all. None. You can go to the state election commission website to see a list of names of the candidates running, but most of the candidates don’t even have websites (or show up on Google). You might think the local newspapers here would have comprehensive coverage that fills that gap, but you’d be wrong.
    So how does one know who to vote for in elections like County Assessor or Criminal Judge? You take a wild guess (and run the risk of voting for a lunatic), or you do as I do and abstain in most of the local contests, voting for the handful of offices where you think you know the candidates. Aaaargh!

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