Chaintech Quieting Continues


Now that I've figured out how to get the Chaintech to overclock, the next question is how to get the thing to run more quietly.
The stock fan that comes with the Athlon 64 is incredibly loud. Runs at 3500 rpm and sounds like a vacuum cleaner. The Chaintech unfortunately doesn't support voltage control from the motherboard. At least I haven't found that Speedfan works with it. I got a $10 part that is a voltage controller, so that I could turn down the fan speed. The new maximum of 3000 rpm is much cooler and now the thermister on it works to keep the temperature all right.
Longer term if I really cared, installing a low speed fan on top of the heat sink would be a good idea. The fan is not a standard 80mm fan. I got an Arctic Pro TC and it won't fit on top unfortunately.
The next big noise seems to be the Stock 9800 pro fan . It is quite loud compared with the 5900FX I have in my other machine. You can apparently get something called the VGA Silencer which is a $11 part at It is quiet, 2-speed and seems to work well. "SilentPCReview": for instance really likes the VGA Silencer.
Newegg has a bunch as does "": Great name. The headsinkfactory prices seems to be lower than so check it out. For instance the Thermaltake XP-120 is $48 there and R60 at