Blackberry Desktop Manager doesn't like Outlook 2003


Forums - Desktop Manager crash. Sigh, I still get crashes from my Blackberry even with the latest software on the 7230 (v3.7) and the latest desktop manager ( I get messages like uncaught exception and yesterday while dialing the phone kept crashing and going through a 5 minute reboot and reverify cycle. Arrgh.
Sigh. Others have similar symptoms, but they are very strange wierdness with Outlook folder browsing. Even with a delete and reinstall, I can't browse any Outlook folders. The Desktop Manager just returns to the main menu when you hit browse. So you can't connect to contacts.
Also the reconciliation fails with strange errors right after you read the Outlook contacts.
BTW, deleting all the firmware and everything on your machine is actually quite hard. To clean out your Blackberry is amazingly hard to find. Here are the steps:
# Start Desktop Manager
# Connect Blackberry
# Click on Application Loader (how unintuitive is that)
# Hit Next until you get to the last dialog where it says, there is nothing to update
# Click on Advanced
# Click on Delete and reinstall system and all data

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