AnandTech DVD Review and “Tom’s Hardware”: _A new champion for DVD drives_
_From Anandtech_. From our results, we can see that the Pioneer DVR-108D, LG GSA-4160B, and NEC’s ND-3500A came out on top with their ability to burn any type of media almost flawlessly as well as burn 2.4X dual layer media at 4.0X speeds (DVR-108D & ND-3500A). Our graphical presentations show that these three drives have the best read and write performance as far as DVD /-R/RW media goes, and also top the list in dual layer write performance. The ND-3500A does have the highest CD read and right speeds by a hair.
_From Tom’s Hardware_. So, if you intend to burn dual-layer, the NEC ND-3500A is clearly the best choice, at only 27 minutes and 40 seconds to fill a DVD+R DL. We should remind storage buffs that DL media still cost approximately five times the price of single-layer media, so be sure you consider that!
The NEC took 6 minutes and 7 seconds for DVD+R and 6:35 for DVD-R (at 12x), which means that it’s also very fast working in single-layer. It was also among the fastest units for rewritable. Only its reading performance was disappointing.

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