Insider scoop on PCs


AnandTech in Taiwan. A great insider scoop on what is up in Taiwan. The big news is that PCI Express ain't selling well. The 915 boards are stacking up like cordwood. Shows once again that even with a brand like Intel, you can't just sell stuff that ain't faster.
Interesting to see that in terms of motherboard sales, AMD is now 30% of the market.
The most interesting news is that nVidia has got basically a lock on the AMD market with the nForce4 (PCI Express) and nForce3 (traditional AGP). Since PCI Express cards aren't any faster than AGP, makes you wonder whether the nForce3 isn't good enough. Still, the industry is switching to PCIExpress.
Other news is that on the processor front, Intel is basically stuck at 3.6GHz until later next year and that AMD is ahead on dual core. Also that on the server front, AMD can field a very fast 8P for $20K less than Intel's 4P models. Wow, that's a huge shift.
There are also many folks who think Intel really doesn't have a dual core strategy that will lead to real silicon anytime soon.