Tom's Pentium-M desktop motherboard. The latest strange inversion in the Intel product line. The mobile processor Pentium M 73x (codenamed Dothan) is actually faster and uses less power than its erstwhile "big brother" desktop chips Pentium 74x and 75x (codenamed Prescott).
More than a little embarassing to Intel, the Pentium M is really an evolution of an older design, but it is also in 90nm and because it clocks slower and has a shorter pipeline with bigger cache (2MB vs. 1MB), it is very fast.
Some benchmarks make the 2GHz Banias the same effective performance as a 3.6GHz Prescott and it is way cooler.
In any case, the ever enterprising Taiwanese are building motherboards like the 855GME-MGF so you can put a Banias that's super quite and fast into a desktop ("Ludwig":http://www.theludwigs.com take note).
Should ship later this month.